don't forget.

by Slime Girls



Another year, another EP! It's been a busy year and it doesn't appear like it's going to slow down.
I hope you enjoy these songs... please turn up the volume and listen kindly near a cute beach.
If you don't live near an IRL beach, visit a virtual one in your favorite low-poly world.

As always, I think $5 is a good price for this release. However, not everyone's situation is the same and everyone should have access to my music. FREE DL LINK:

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See you next Summer, and don't forget...

You Belong.


Thanks to Chu, Tommy Pedrini, Michy, Bryan Rivers, absolutely everyone at Selfiehouse while I was writing this album, everyone helped in some way, Elliot Trinidad, Jean, Harris, Stephanie, OMO, Zenny, Kara's Walk Home, Anna and Jacob, Mads, Hannibal Buress, Jackson Broussard, Jackson, Jacksons ears, Jacksons headphones, Devin, Rob, the employees at the culver city Panera bread, Jason Rosa and everyone at Play it Loud!, Classic J, Elia, Michael Chiptune Vallejo, Kevin Martinez and Jesse Avila, Omni, Noah, the Denton house show kids who let us use a sword, Jun Chikuma and All Might. Everyone helps in so many ways they may not even realize.


released August 1, 2016

All tracks written by myself, Pedro Silva
Programming, Guitar, Melodica by Pedro Silva
Engineering, Production and Mastering by Pedro Silva

Cover Art by Chu Nap

All tracks produced in Reason 8 and Ableton Live.



all rights reserved


Slime Girls Los Angeles, California

You Belong!

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Track Name: FamilyMart (miss U!)

heh heh
Track Name: night budddddy ;3c