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this song............ took a long time to mix.

I think I wrote the initial idea (the first verse and the pretty arpeggio section during the break) for this song back in 2013 but it never really launched off the ground and it wasn't until I heard Kara's Walk Home's "Weekend! Party With Your Friends" that I finally got some ideas for how to proceed with it, and then it turned into this monster of a song, the longest I've ever written. Which is fitting since every KWH song is 40 years long so hey.

My only regret with this song was that my Z.Vex Fuzz Factory stopped working before I could record this song. This song would have turned out VERY different with that lil friend.

The quiet break in this song, apart from the personal aspects and feelings, was absolutely influenced by certain scenes from Chrono Cross that stuck with me.

I actually found a really old demo of this song, def. inspired by the Equilibrium compilation album that Ubiktune put out (still probably my favorite chiptune release), you can hear that here:

Anyway, this might be my favorite song I've ever written! Cool!


from don't forget., released August 1, 2016



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