sketchbook vol #1: 12​-​17

by Slime Girls



It's been 5 years! That's bonkers! I feel like I couldn't let that marker pass by without doing something.

I always really like buying sketchbooks from visual artists, who collect a lot of their drawings from the years and curate it. So I thought I'd do that.

I think when you do any kind of art, you end up with a lot of loose threads and scraps along the way that didn't quite work out in one context or another. Or maybe at the time you didn't know how to finish it, or didn't have access to resource A or B, or just plain forgot! It seems like a lot of those piled up huh? 
Anyway it's annoying to have them in the back of your mind like "oh that idea was cool I never finished it! What? That was 4 years ago? Shut up!" So it's nice to get them out of my headspace after all these years. 
Throw in some hard to find tracks/remixes/etc and it really adds up wow. 

So here they are presented sort of chronologically starting from newest to oldest.
Some of these... I don't think anybody has ever heard!

Lets see. 

I don't really remember anything about "Backyard" except that I know I wrote it after seeing a Shawn Wasabi show in Winter 2015 and I was really really really depressed! It fits in with the NO SUMMER/DON'T FORGET feelings pretty well no? 

A few of the songs on here form sort of a skeleton of what a slime girls album would have looked like in 2013 that just never ever happened.

"V938CFD" was a LSDJ demo I wrote probably in 2012 inspired by Knife City, Space Town Savior and just in general wanting to write a really blown out sort of Trance song. The problem is. I didn't know how to write that at all! So I never figured out how to make it a real song. Looking back at it now it's like "oh from the start I should do X Y Z" but... it is what it is! 

"PURPLE/GLOW" was originally supposed to be the B-side for YUMEMI but again, just, didn't work out, it was originally supposed to have lyrics and it just never ever worked in a way that I felt was worth it. I think in this one you can ALSO definitely hear what used to be some mainstays in the OMORI sound palette in the second half. 

"...Until It Feels Like Home" was also a 2012 demo inspired by the Robocop Gameboy Game title screen song which is one of the best songs anyones ever written. I never got around to recording drums and it really needed them so it just sat as a rough idea for so so so long. Big ups to Addictive Drums for basically being the only thing this song needed to be considered done.

Combine those with Space-Fold, Yumemi, Lonely Planet Girl, Heart On Wave and Video Girl and that's basically what the album would have been.

The cover of BOYS ON THE RUN actually is also really really really old. Someone crashed into my car on the highway while me and Clover & Sealife were singing this song and it was really awful and I still kinda anxiety in cars sometimes but, I felt like I needed to cover it! I lost the project file somewhere in the middle and only had this version, and it was just one of those things where you're like "damn these 3 tiny things are totally wrong" but, I think it works as it is. An old memory! It's kinda funny you can hear me accidentally flip the pickup switch on the rhythm guitar somewhere in there. Also I didn't even mean to quote what I did with the guitar solo it just happened! But I love that it happened.

Hmm, everything else on here is pretty much stuff I think people have heard!


released December 2, 2017

Album art by Mushbuh

Vocals On tracks 3, 5, 10, 11, 16 by me
Vocals on track 19 by Ally & Sally

Drums on Space Fold by Mike Whatley
Everything else by me (except the usage of the original stems on tracks 7, 9 and 2)

Track 2 originally by Tsunku and Masami Yone
Track 3 originally by the Cardigans
Track 4 originally by Ryuichi Sakamoto
Track 7 originally by Michael Vallejo
Track 9 originally by NOAH HAFFORD
Track 10 originally by Rivers Cuomo
Track 18 originally by Yasutaka Nakata
Track 19 originally by Yasutaka Nakata
Track 16 originally by GING NANG BOYZ
Track 20 originally by HO-KAGO TEA TIME ;)

Track 22 originally by BiS
Track 23 originally by Matsuda Seiko

Alternative Album Title: Wow It's Been 5 Years How Embarrassing!


all rights reserved



Slime Girls Los Angeles, California

Original Sound Composition,

Pop Sensibilities,

Virtual World Emotion.

You Belong.

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Track Name: California Kidz
When you wake up,
cobwebs on your eyelids,
stuck in rigor mortis

Just get going,
until you hit the ocean,
and you turn Californian

You don't have to,
have the answers,
don't you worry
don't you worry...

It's gonna be alright,
If you're on a sinking ship
The california kids
Will throw you a lifeline
and if you're up all night
thinking 'bout some thing you did
The california kids,
will show you the sunshine

In your bare feet
in mid january
swimming in the mystery

Say you miss me,
and up the coast I can be
the shoreline of that blue sea

Second guessing,
almost everything
don't you worry
don't you worry...

It's gonna be alright,
If you're on a sinking ship
The california kids
Will send you a lifeline
And if you're up all night
Thinking about some thing you did
The california kids
Will show you the starlight

All your old friends
Chillin back in Austin
Well I never forgot them...

It's gonna be alright,
If you're on a sinking ship
The california kids
Will throw you a lifeline
And if you're up all night
Thinking 'bout some thing you did
The California kids, will show you the sunshine
The California kids, will show you the starlight.

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